Our main business is integrated rail transportation and we are the first private company in Thailand to be registered with the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) to provide freight services on all domestic railway routes.

TRL Service

We provide quality on-time transportation and services to our customers.

Connection Point

We deliver products to neighboring countries. with an international connection point.

Thailand is continues to develop and improve it’s rail infrasructure.

All rail routes will be upgraded to dual track to improve further interconnection across the country and support multimodal transportation.

Thailand’s railway network is planned for interconnection to our neighbours in ASEAN. to the“China-Laos railway”. Containers can now be transported via rail to southern China by transit at Bok Tha Na Laeng, Vientiane, Lao PDR.

Malaysia has two major deep sea ports, Penang Port. and Port Klang with high trade volume capacity to facilitate West bound trade to South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Thai and Malaysian rail tracks are standardised with the same meter gauge.

Our countries rail infrastructure interface at Padang Besar

Different Types Of Shipping Modes

Air Transportation

Water Transportation

Road Transportation

Business Partner

Existing Agreement between the Governments of Thailand and the Federation of Malaysia for Joint Traffic Working over the Malayan Railway and the State Railway of Thailand.


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43 , 6th Floor, Soi Prasert Manukit 5, Prasert Manukit Road, Chorakhe Bua Subdistrict, Lat Phrao District, Bangkok 10230